Working towards an alternative 1CA

Crew members have shared their reactions to the current ‑1CA working method and it is clear that there is room for improvement. As long as there is no alternative, KLM wants very much to work with the crew to create a more workable service on board.

Collaborating with the crew, KLM will look at alternatives to the ‑1CA work method. In the months to come it will test other models involving crew members. Test results and crew input should lead to a more workable service on board.

Starting retirement
Last year the trade unions made a demand at the start of the Collective Labour Agreement negotiations. It involved agreeing to their suggestions concerning retirement. Last year, KLM met the demand and agreed to pay EUR 12 billion extra in retirement premiums. By taking this step, the future of retirement pensions for cabin crews was strengthened.

Continuation of collective labour agreement negotiations
On 23 January we talked with the employee organisations about the result of this pension agreement. At that time we made an appointment for follow-up discussions. So it was with considerable surprise when KLM received the ultimatum on 6 February which the unions sent containing a new demand.

New union demand
Instead of speedy entry into negotiations to create an alternative to the ‑1CA measure and further agreements on productivity, profit sharing and other issues, the unions are making a new demand – a written agreement that a change in the composition of cabin crew will now be implemented in consultation and agreement with the unions. In January of this year the Enterprise Division of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal ruled in KLM’s favour that the ‑1CA measure is not bound to this recommendation and was within its rights to take the measure.

KLM continues to believe that dialogue is the only way to arrive at solutions, all in the interest of achieving its aims and safeguarding its future. Furthermore, KLM will continue its dialogue with the crew to create workable service on board.

KLM plans to respond officially to the unions and their ultimatu

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