A future-proof aviation industry requires collaboration and coherent policy


Today, 31 parties active within the Dutch aviation industry organized a dialogue with Members of Parliament and policy makers on "A future-proof aviation for the Netherlands" to discuss the future of aviation in the Netherlands, and how we can make aviation cleaner, quieter and stronger together.

In January this year, the 31 parties, including knowledge institutions, airlines, freight companies, manufacturing industries, fuel suppliers, umbrella organizations, and unions, presented their joint vision for a Future-Proof Aviation for the Netherlands, including 10 concrete commitments to the Netherlands.

We have had constructive conversations with Members of Parliament and policy makers about, among other things, scaling up the production of more sustainable fuels in the Netherlands, more international trains, less waste, a global kerosene tax, quieter flying, radical innovation, and good working conditions. Only by working together can we take the big steps that are necessary. Critical voices were also heard about the pace of sustainability and achieving results for the environment.

Our goal is to work together with the political and governmental bodies to create a joint action agenda based on our 10 commitments vision that makes Dutch aviation cleaner, quieter, and stronger for all of us, while maintaining good connections. Coherent and stable policies are essential to make significant strides forward. This not only means that aviation must cause less inconvenience for residents, but also that aviation remains accessible to everyone, including those with less money to spend. It is also important that important air freight, such as medicines, fresh produce, or high-tech equipment, continues to reach our country or can be sent via our airports.

We stand by our commitments to the Netherlands and are eager to continue the conversation to develop a coherent aviation policy that is good for all Dutch people. Based on the constructive dialogue with all participants today, we look forward to working together to make the aviation in the Netherlands cleaner, quieter, and stronger for tomorrow. We call on politicians, government officials, and stakeholders to work with us.

You can find our "10 commitments" vision for "Future-Proof Aviation for the Netherlands" here.