VNC union and KLM agree on cabin crew labour contract

Yesterday, the members’ council of the VNC trade union for cabin crew ratified the agreement in principle of a new collective labour agreement (CLA) for KLM cabin crew, which will remain in effect until June 2019. Owing to adjusted working procedures and more efficient division of labour on board, the crew complement on intercontinental flights can be reduced by one. (This is explicitly different from the “minus-1 CA” measure referred to by the FNV trade union.) The new agreement, supplementing the earlier productivity improvement of 2015 CLA for cabin crew, will ensure that cabin crew contribute to Perform 2020 objectives just as their colleagues on the ground and in the cockpit have already done.

The agreement provides a firm foundation on which we can join hands in building a healthy future for KLM, which is good for staff as well as passengers.

We hope that FNV members will also embrace the plan, considering that the new agreement with the VNC has close similarities to the demands previously expressed by the FNV Cabine trade union.