Used KLM materials incorporated into MOAM design collection


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has a commitment to innovation and sustainability. For that reason KLM and MOAM, a collective of young designers to create a collection dedicated to innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship, have come together. MOAM has reworked used KLM materials and incorporated them into its unique, handmade collection. A catwalk show was held at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, last Friday to launch the collection in the presence of fashion journalists and fans.

Reuse and recycling together is one of the pillars of KLM’s sustainability policy.


One of our aims is not to waste resources and materials and to achieve 100% recycling and/or reuse of our remaining waste by 2020. Using old materials to make something new brings added value. The result is a fabulous collection which draws attention to our sustainability message in an appealing and creative way.
Frank Houben, KLM Global Brand Director
MOAM and KLM both focus on innovation, sustainability and Dutch heritage, which is why this partnership is such a success. KLM’s upcycled materials, such as engine parts and leather headrests, have been seamlessly worked into the collection.
Martijn Daniel Nekoui, Oprichter & CEO MOAM

This initiative is an extension of the partnership between KLM The Netherlands and the Design Academy Eindhoven. Students from the Design Academy used old materials from World Business Class to make utility objects. These were exhibited in the De Bijenkorf department store between 1 and 15 June 2015.

Sustainability is one of the starting points in all new developments at KLM. The carpeting of the new World Business Class interior, for instance, is partly manufactured of discarded KLM ladies’ uniforms.