Update on Cabin Crew Work Stoppages


The cabin crew unions FNV and VNC have notified KLM that they are calling on KLM cabin attendants to participate in new, 60-minute work stoppages on Saturday, 12 November.

KLM is currently preparing for coming Saturday by, among other things, assessing the options for adjusting flight schedules to ensure that inconvenience to passengers is minimised. By making these necessary schedule changes, KLM will incur further financial damages, amounting to an estimated EUR 6-7 million per day for the proposed 60-minute work stoppages.

KLM remains open to consultation and will continue to explore available options to resume negotiations. It is important to find a way out of this situation, to prevent further damage to our company and inconvenience to our passengers.

Why are there work stoppages?
The cabin crew unions FNV and VNC are protesting against a productivity measure that took effect on 30 October. This measure implies that KLM was compelled to reduce the number of cabin crew by one in Economy Class cabins aboard its Boeing 777-200s, Airbus 330-300s and Boeing 787s. These aircraft types operate 40% of KLM intercontinental flights. This solution has the least impact on customers and will largely generate the 4% productivity gain that is required.

KLM stresses that it was compelled to take this decision, as it was unable to reach agreement with cabin crew unions on KLM’s future vision and the required productivity measure. In the interests of continuity and healthy growth, KLM was compelled to implement the measure described above.