Passengers Can Use KLM’s “Like the Crew” App to Rate Their Flight


As part of its ongoing efforts to improve inflight service, KLM has initiated a pilot test with its new “Like the Crew” app. The name is a working title, not the app’s definitive name.

KLM came up with the idea for the app in response to the many positive reactions it has received through the social media from passengers who wanted to show their immediate appreciation for the service they received onboard. The app allows passengers to send KLM feedback about the inflight service as a whole—not for individual crew members. Reviews of the crew will be done through the usual HR system.


The app was tested on a number of flights on the Toronto route, in April and May this year. Using a five-point scale, passengers had the opportunity to respond to the question, “How was your flight?” The results are now being reviewed and in close collaboration with the Works Council System, KLM will look carefully how the app can best be implemented.