KLM's response to VNC's call for work stoppage

KLM finds the VNC cabin crew union’s call for a work stoppage this coming Friday both incomprehensible and unwise. KLM has urged VNC to call off the intended industrial actions. The Membership Council of the VNC is contesting a final proposal containing a structural wage increase for the first time in many years, more prospects for cabin crew, measures intended to relieve work pressure and a greatly improved profit-sharing scheme. VNC has submitted the proposal to its Membership Council. The FNV cabin crew union has decided to put the proposal before its membership base for consideration. The outcome in this case is expected at the beginning of next week. KLM urges VNC to call off the intended industrial actions in the interests of our customers and also because of the huge operational challenges facing KLM due to weather conditions these days.

In relation to the anticipated work stoppage, KLM is doing everything possible to minimise potential disruptions for customers and staff. It is not yet clear whether there is broad-based support for the actions, but it is possible that they will result in delays. KLM recommends that its customers keep a close eye on the flight information on the KLM website.