KLM's response to Janaillac’s provisional succession

Response KLM:


Today, prior to the shareholder meeting in Paris, the Air France-KLM Board announced the name of Air France-KLM’s new temporary leader.

The interim appointment of Anne-Marie Couderc as the new non-executive board chairperson for Air France-KLM, and the establishment of a three-person management committee – of which I am a member together with Franck Terner and Frederic Gagey – will give our organisation order and stability. This is extremely important for our customers and staff.

I look forward to working with Anne-Marie Couderc. I would like also to thank Jean-Marc Janaillac for our collaboration over the past two years and congratulate him on a number of important strategic steps that he took for the Air France KLM Group.

Through this new committee, I will continue to work for the Air France-KLM Group, as well as for the further successful implementation of our KLM strategy, just as Franck Terner will continue to do this for Air France.

The temporary implementation gives the Air France-KLM Board time to work on a permanent solution and configuration for the Group.

It is important that, throughout the group, we restore the good spirit, cohesion, and stability that we had in the early days of our partnership. This was demonstrably successful both for Air France and KLM.
KLM President & CEO, Pieter Elbers

You can find the press release of AF/KL on the website of the Air France-KLM Group.