KLM temporarily returns to Cairo


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will fly to Cairo twice a week from 9 September to 25 October. In 2017, KLM last operated passenger flights to the Egyptian capital. KLM has always carried cargo between Amsterdam and Cairo with full freighter aircraft.

KLM's flights to Cairo will be operated in the months of September and October. At the beginning of September, we will assess whether Cairo can also be added to KLM's network of destinations during the winter season.

KLM is slowly and carefully expanding its European and intercontinental network. KLM's first priority is to offer its customers as much choice of destinations as possible. This may be followed by an increase in the number of frequencies and/or capacity by deploying larger aircraft.

Flight schedule

Flights to Cairo will be operated from 9 September 2020 with Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. Flight times are as follows:

  • From 9 to 28 September, KL 0553 departs from Amsterdam on Wednesday and Saturday at 19.10 hours and arrives in Cairo at 23.30 hours. KL 0554 departs from Cairo on Thursday and Sunday at 01.20 hrs and arrives in Amsterdam at 06.00 hrs.
  • From 30 September to 23 October, KL 0553 leaves Amsterdam on Wednesday and Friday at 19.10 hrs and arrives in Cairo at 23.30 hrs. KL 0554 departs from Cairo on Thursday and Saturday at 01.20 hrs and arrives in Amsterdam at 06.00 hrs.

All times are local.

Safety remains paramount

Naturally, KLM has taken measures to ensure that flights are safe for both passengers and staff. For example, face masks are mandatory when boarding and during the flight, extra hygiene equipment is on board and KLM's aircraft are additionally cleaned using suitable cleaning agents. The air on board is quickly refreshed using HEPA filters. For more information about the hygiene measures on board, see this video:

In addition, KLM naturally adapts to changing circumstances when governments in various countries take new measures.