KLM takes measures to restrict delays

KLM wants to minimise inconvenience to passengers ensuing from the 60-minute work stoppages announced by the FNV and VNC cabin crew unions. KLM therefore today decided to cancel three flights scheduled to take place on Saturday: KL0687 to Mexico, KL1835 to Berlin, and KL1011 to London. The passengers in question have been informed and rebooked to other flights. This will enable KLM to accommodate the anticipated delays in the best possible way.

KLM also expects that it can keep delays to a minimum by adjusting various procedures, such as boarding.

However, the financial impact will be substantial, amounting to an estimated EUR 6-7 million on Saturday alone.


KLM remains open to consultation and will continue to explore available options to resume negotiations. It is important to find a way out of this situation, to prevent further damage to our company and inconvenience to our passengers.