KLM response to Air France-KLM and Air France capital strengthening

This is a very important step for the Air France-KLM Group and Air France. After the support in 2020 from the French state to Air France and the Dutch state to KLM, this further strengthens the financial basis of the Group. This is necessary given the enormous negative impact of COVID-19 on aviation.

For the Netherlands, the connection with the rest of the world via Schiphol is of strategic importance. That is why, in 2020, the Dutch State supported KLM with a loan of EUR 1.0 billion and EUR 2.4 billion in guarantees on credit facilities, linked to major conditions. KLM is grateful to the Dutch government for its support.

In time, KLM will also need capital. For that purpose the Dutch State is in talks with Brussels, Air France-KLM, KLM and other stakeholders. As long as these discussions are ongoing, KLM will not comment on the progress of these talks.