KLM passengers meet chef Rodrigo Oliveira on board during a flight to Amsterdam

The chef followed the preparation of the dishes, created by him in partnership with KLM, served to World Business Class customers and Premium Comfort.

KLM surprised passengers of the World Business Class on flight KL792, which departed from São Paulo to Amsterdam on June 13, with the presence of Rodrigo Oliveira, the chef who designs the menus served in the World Business Class and Premium Comfort classes of the company on flights departing from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. During the flight, the chef helped prepare the dishes on board with the crew.

"Participating in this onboard initiative was definitely a unique and special experience. Seeing the customers' reactions to the most beautiful menu we have developed in all these years of the partnership was like taking a piece of Mocotó to the skies," said Rodrigo Oliveira, chef of the award-winning restaurants Mocotó and Balaio IMS.

Rodrigo Oliveira is responsible for creating the four cycles of menus that are served throughout the year by the company. The menu production process began in mid-November 2022 and was introduced on KLM flights in March of this year. In the current cycle, available until July, the menu signed by the chef includes the following dishes in the World Business Class:

•            Butter bean vinaigrette with pumpkin and coconut, shrimp marinated in annatto, and garden greens.

•            Sertaneja salad: cherry tomatoes, pickled red onion, coalho cheese, and mixed greens.

•            Cassava gnocchi, mushrooms, tucupi sauce, and Tulha cheese sauce.

•            Sea bass, plantain purée, spinach, Brazil nut beurre blanc.

•            Beef shank in wine sauce, cassava purée with marrow, sautéed collard greens, sweet and sour pumpkin.


About Rodrigo Oliveira

For 20 years, Rodrigo Oliveira has been leading Mocotó, an award-winning traditional restaurant serving sertaneja cuisine located in Vila Medeiros (Sao Paulo, Brazil), which tells the story of his family. The establishment is on the Bib Gourmand list of the Michelin Guide, has been awarded as the best Brazilian cuisine by various national media outlets such as Veja SP and Prazeres da Mesa, and has also been part of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list by the British magazine Restaurant. Rodrigo also manages Balaio IMS, as well as Mocotó D, Mocotó Vila Leopoldina, and Mocotó Café, all in São Paulo.