KLM makes concessions in pension conflict with cabin crew unions

KLM today announced a major step forward in the pension conflict with the cabin crew unions VNC and FNV.

KLM has made concessions to the unions’ demands and sees this as an important step towards restoring mutual trust and resuming negotiations, after the unions rejected KLM’s previous proposals to break the stalemate. KLM has now proposed, among other things, to pay out an additional EUR 12 million per year in pension premiums. This step will help secure the future of the pension schemes for cabin crew. Throughout the Netherlands, pension accrual has been restricted by new fiscal legislation (including a higher legal age of retirement), but KLM cabin crew will be almost fully compensated for these austerity measures.

By taking this step, KLM meets the unions’ demand that the issue of pensions should be resolved before negotiations for a new collective labour agreement are resumed. KLM has therefore expressed the urgent expectation that the VNC and FNV cabin crew unions return to the negotiating table as soon as possible and refrain from further labour protest.

The unions were informed of KLM’s decision today and asked to respond before the end of the week, at the latest.