KLM launches unique trial on social media

FlightFunding explores the power of millions of followers


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is set to become the first airline in the world to open its social media channels for a unique trial project called FlightFunding. Today, Juanita, from the town of Schijndel in the southern Netherlands, will be given 24 hours to fund her dream flight to Canada with the aid of KLM’s many millions of followers on social media. With this experiment, KLM will explore the power of its social network.

We would love to help everyone, of course, but sadly this is simply not an option for a business dependent on the sale of tickets. The FlightFunding concept arose from a deep-seated wish to help people make their dreams come true. This social media experiment will allow KLM to assess how its social network responds to appeals of this kind.
Karlijn Vogel-Meijer, manager at KLM Social Media

KLM has long been a frontrunner in the field of social media, launching award-winning campaigns such as KLM Surprise, Live Reply, Must See Map en Lost & Found. Since 2010, KLM has also offered its passengers 24/7 travel assistance via social media, in 14 different languages. Every week, more than 150 social media agents respond to around 70,000 queries from KLM’s customers and fans. Some of these queries come from people who dream of travelling, but cannot afford a ticket.

“So the webcare team chose the request of Juanita’s co-workers and family in a raffle. She hasn’t seen her family in Canada in years. She hasn’t been able to hold her five-year-old grandson even once. She was saving up for a trip to Canada. But, as a result of some sad personal circumstances, she has lost that chance.”

Vogel-Meijer: “Trial and error has played an important part in establishing KLM’s leading position in social media. FlightFunding really is an experiment. Today Juanita’s appeal has been posted on KLM’s social media channels. Everyone can make their donation on

Surely 12 million fans worldwide should be enough to attract sufficient donations to cover the price of a ticket? But we are well aware that not every experiment is a success. We are very much looking forward to the results.”

This creative concept was developed in collaboration with Code D’Azur.

You can make donations via