KLM launches the Night Light


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines today launched the Night Light, designed specially for the families of business travellers. In the shape of a mini aircraft, a light burns behind each window of the Night Light for each night the family member will be away.

The lighted windows of the Night Light are turned off one by one, as the nights go by. On the morning of the traveller’s return, all of the lights are off. With the Night Light, KLM helps make things more pleasant for family members awaiting a traveller’s return. Similarly, KLM’s direct flights, favourable departure times and punctuality are also important to those waiting at home, because they ensure that (business) travellers return as planned and well rested.

Members of KLM’s BlueBiz loyalty programme who book tickets via before 1 May, stand a chance of winning the KLM Night Light.

The KLM Night Light is also available for € 39.95 via