KLM develops smart Care Tag that assists travelers in Amsterdam.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers passengers who visit Amsterdam in September a handy gadget: the KLM Care Tag. The smart audio luggage tag automatically provides visitors with location based verbal tips on how to traverse the city. The specially designed location-aware audio luggage tag consists of an offline GPS module and a speaker. While you’re walking or cycling through the city, it offers the right tip at the right location at the right time. All over Amsterdam, KLM plotted the voice of their caring crew at spots where people can use some extra assistance. A visitor can simply attach the tag to her/his luggage or clothes.

Personal tips at your side in the city

KLM’s ambition to be the most customer-centric European airline, led to the development of a device that expands the service of its crew beyond planes and airport. KLM crew filled the KLM Care Tag with hundreds of practical tips about the city of Amsterdam. Not the standard tourist tips, but insightful tips ranging from busy intersections with a lot of cyclists, where and how to lock your bike and when you have to watch out for pickpockets. But also more lighthearted tips such as where to taste local food for free, where to see great street art or where to rent a bike or boat. With the Care Tag you always have someone that guides you through the city.

Busy Amsterdam

Over the last couple of years Amsterdam has rapidly become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. January this year for the first time over 1 million people visited the city. By the year 2025 this will increase with 30%. Together with Paris and Lisbon it hosts the most visitors per inhabitant in Europe.

Limited availability

The KLM care tag can only in September be ordered online for free by passengers who travel to Amsterdam. Passengers who are interested, can simply order it, but availability is limited. The first batch of Care Tags will only be available in English but later this year there will be more Care Tags available in Chinese, Portuguese, German and Russian.

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