Important travel information for a busy summer at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

This weekend the summer holiday will start in the Netherlands. More passengers than usual are expected to travel from, to and via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This means that at certain times, the airport may be exceptionally busy. The increased number of departing passengers means that there may be longer queues at the airport.

Also in the interests of our KLM passengers, KLM takes additional measures. The aim is to minimize discomfort at Schiphol, and to allow KLM flights to depart on time. In addition to continuously monitoring departure and transition processes, KLM will also use additional staff to guide passengers at the airport. KLM will also inform travellers individually, for example, if something changes in flight schedules. In addition, KLM has prepared the following tips that can help the traveller to make the departure and transition process as quickly as possible:

1. Provide contact information in My Trip

KLM recommends all passengers to add their contact info to their booking details. In 'My Trip' on KLM.com, travellers can check, enter or change their phone number and e-mail address. This way, should something change in their journey, KLM can get in touch sooner.

2. Check in online

In addition, KLM strongly recommends checking in online. This can be done in the KLM app and on the website, starting 30 hours before departure. For flights to and from the United States, check-in is open from 24 hours before departure. Online check-in saves time at the airport. Travellers then do not have to go to the check-in desk, but can go straight to baggage drop-off. Or, when travelling with hand luggage only, go straight to the gate. Families with children and groups are of course still welcome at the staffed check-in desks.

3. Read the baggage rules

Because baggage rules are strictly applied at Schiphol, passengers are advised to double-check the amount allowed for their journey according to their ticket conditions. This is stated in their booking details and on KLM.com. Hand luggage that is too big or too heavy must be checked in. Liquids may be carried in hand luggage, if brought in quantities of up to 100 ml and a total of 1 litre packed in a sealable plastic bag. KLM also recommends reading the list of prohibited articles on KLM.com.

4. Be at the airport well in time

Passengers departing from Amsterdam to destinations in Europe are advised to be at Schiphol Airport at least 2 hours before departure. Prior to departure of intercontinental flights, 3 hours are recommended.Departure halls 1 and 2 open every day at 4.30 AM.Schiphol has several departure halls, so KLM recommends checking in advance where the journey begins:


Departure hall

SkyPriority travellers




To non-Schengen countries in Europe


To Schengen destinations in Europe

1 + 1A

* Between July 6 and August 20 2017 check-in for intercontinental flights to the Caribbean, Paramaribo, Cape Town and Johannesburg may sometimes be in Departure hall 1. The information screens at the airport always show the correct check-in location.

5. Go to the gate at boarding time

The information screens at Schiphol airport show when boarding starts. It is important to be at the gate at the time indicated. For all KLM flights, the gate will close 15 minutes before departure. Anyone arriving at the gate after closing time will not be able to board anymore.Transferring passengers at Schiphol are advised to first go through customs and security checks. After that, one can still shop at the airport if boarding for the connecting flight has not yet started.

6. Maximum occupancy

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is responsible for staffing the security filters. KLM and Schiphol have agreed that all filters will be staffed to a maximum by deploying extra personnel. Plans are also underway to ensure optimum deployment of K-MAR border police at passport control.


For SkyPriority customers at Schiphol the usual benefits of their membership level or travel class apply. KLM is aware of the increased busyness and does everything possible to minimize the inconvenience caused by this. Unfortunately, KLM cannot entirely prevent queues forming in SkyPriority rows and areas. Therefore, these travellers are also advised to be at the airport at least 2 hours (flights within Europe) or 3 hours (intercontinental flights) before departure.

Customer care

KLM customer care staff at all channels are prepared for receiving more questions and requests. They will do their utmost to serve and help travellers to experience a comfortable journey. Naturally, in case of delays, passengers will be rebooked and/or compensated according to KLM rules.With these additional measures, staff at KLM and its partner airlines are ready to take care of all customers.

For current information about the busy summer at Schiphol Airport, go to: https://www.klm.com/travel/nl_en/prepare_for_travel/up_to_date/flight_update/important_information_schiphol_summer_2017.htm