FNV Cabin Crew announces work stoppage


FNV Cabin Crew has notified KLM that it has called on cabine crew to observe a work stoppage of 10 minutes directly after the cabin crew briefing. This industrial action will commence on Monday, 24 October from 05:00 to 23:00 hours. The stoppage could be observed on all flights departing from Amsterdam. 

The work stoppage will have potential consequences for passengers in the form of delays or longer boarding times. What’s more, the action could cause significant financial damage to KLM.

Productivity measure
FNV Cabin Crew is conducting industrial action against the introduction of a productivity measure effective 30 October. This measure means that KLM has had to reach a decision to assign one cabin attendant less in Economy Class on its Boeing 777-200, Airbus 330-300 and Boeing 787 aircraft. This will affect approximately 40% of the airline’s long-haul flights. This solution will have the least impact on the client and will largely produce the necessary productivity gain of 4%.

KLM emphasises that it became necessary to introduce this measure because it has not been possible to enter into consultations with the cabin crew unions about KLM’s vision of the future and the necessary productivity measures. KLM has no choice but to introduce this measure in the interests of its continuity and healthy growth.

KLM finds it regrettable that FNV Cabin Crew has chosen this course of action and believes that consultation could resolve the situation.