Statement on consequences of baggage system malfunction at Schiphol

Wednesday saw a malfunction in the baggage systems at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Consequently, KLM was unable to process baggage for most of the day on Wednesday, which meant thousands of suitcases belonging to passengers were again left behind in Amsterdam. The latest updates indicate that the baggage systems are up and running once more.

In response to these circumstances, KLM took the following preventative measure to minimise further inconvenience for passengers: transfer passengers travelling from one European destination to another via Amsterdam will only be allowed to travel with carry-on baggage on Thursday or will have the option of rebooking their flight.

KLM stresses that this measure will apply on Thursday, 21 July, for transfer passengers travelling within Europe – i.e. passengers travelling via Amsterdam from one European destination to another. The measure does not apply to passengers departing from the Netherlands or with intercontinental connections. 

The aim of this decision was to achieve the greatest possible effect, with the least possible impact on passengers. The measure will ensure that the volume of baggage that requires processing will remain manageable and that KLM can run schedules as normal for its customers on Thursday. The fact that transfer passengers within Europe will travel with carry-on baggage only on Thursday, will free up as much space as possible on Thursday’s flights to transport baggage that was left behind on Wednesday.

KLM is deeply troubled by that fact that passengers have had to wait for their baggage longer and that certain passengers have been inconvenienced by these problem. Passengers who have further questions will find more information on our website.