Response KLM to statement Schiphol

Finally, a first step

KLM has in vain been calling on Schiphol’s management board to take adequate measures for some time – both in terms of availability (volume policy) and capacity (timely investment in piers, gates and security instead of shops and hotels).

Nonetheless, Schiphol unnecessarily and irresponsibly issued a further 9,400 slots for flights in March, which meant Schiphol could not formulate a concrete response in the short term to KLM’s urgent letter sent out in March. KLM’s earlier statement about Schiphol’s mismanagement was not made lightly.

Having to wait for hours during the May holiday period was disappointing and frustrating for all the passengers concerned and cost KLM several million euros. This has damaged the reputation of the airlines, Schiphol and the Netherlands.

The statements of Schiphol’s CEO saying that the peak period could not have been anticipated and that the airlines’ forecasts were inaccurate are unbelievable, especially in view of KLM’s previous calls.

Now that Schiphol has finally acknowledged its shortcomings, it is all the more painful to ascertain that it apparently had to come to this before Schiphol’s management board finally listens to its customers and says it will assume responsibility.

The announcement on the part of Schiphol to now deploy more security resources is the first step towards recognising the problem.

KLM will closely follow the concrete implementation thereof and continues to call for attention to be paid to the remaining points of concern.