KLM resumes flights as planned on Sunday

KLM was able to resume flight operations on Sunday as planned. Since this morning, passengers have once again been able to travel to and via Amsterdam from European destinations. KLM expects to be able to operate scheduled flights for the rest of the day and does not expect to have to take any additional measures. However, congestion at Schiphol and the thunderstorms forecast for the end of the day, may lead to some delays or disruptions.  

KLM would like to stress that its primary concern is to fly passengers safely to their destinations. The first passengers to be stranded on Saturday have now departed to and from Schiphol and KLM is working hard to rebook other passengers who, due to these unforeseen circumstances, have been unable to reach their destinations. KLM is doing its utmost to get these passengers to their destinations as quickly as possible.

KLM would once again like to apologise for the situation that arose on Saturday, when KLM faced unforeseen and urgent circumstances that are beyond our control (unfavourable weather conditions and reduced runway capacity, due to runway maintenance by Schiphol), led us to take the decision at the end of the day to suspend passenger flights from European destinations to Amsterdam. We understand the impact this had on our passengers.

In response to the situation at Schiphol, KLM had already reduced its own capacity in advance of this weekend. However, unfavourable winds combined with runway maintenance led air traffic control at Schiphol to reduce capacity even further. This meant that far fewer aircraft were able to land in Amsterdam, or to take off. This led to a large number of KLM flights being delayed, or even cancelled on Saturday. The number of passengers who were unable to depart from Schiphol, due to these external factors, consequently increased sharply.

To ensure safe and workable operations at Schiphol, KLM was unfortunately compelled at the end of Saturday to take the decision not to fly any new passengers to Amsterdam from European stations. This decision was taken to ensure that as many stranded passengers as possible could depart from Schiphol on Saturday, enabling KLM to operate as many flights as possible according to schedule on Sunday.