KLM feels unions’ decision to suspend consultation is premature

The trade unions FNV, CNV, De Unie, VHKP and NVLT have suspended regular consultation with KLM on issues relating to ground personnel, because they disagree with the proposed organisational change at the department of Finance & Control. KLM finds the unions’ decision premature, because the KLM Works Council has not yet decided whether it wishes to oppose KLM’s decision. It is in the interests of all staff involved that KLM and the unions remain in consultation with each other.

KLM is taking the next step in the realisation of its Perform 2020 goals with the implementation of a number of measures that are part of a previously announced organisational change at Finance & Control. This decision was also previously raised during labour contract negotiations in 2016. KLM’s accounting activities in the Netherlands will be largely integrated into KLM’s Shared Service Centre in Budapest and a specialist revenue accounting provider in India.

In recent months, KLM has made every effort to ensure that this decision is given the go-ahead by the Works Council. Unfortunately, these efforts have been unsuccessful. However, KLM is convinced that further optimisation of this department is necessary. This step is required to ensure greater efficiency. Many of KLM’s competitors have already taken similar steps.

KLM realises that this may be disappointing to the staff in question and wishes to assist them as best it can, thereby minimising impact. This is why KLM feels the suspension of consultation by the unions is unwise. KLM would very much like to discuss how it can offer the staff in question guidance with extra care, which would be additional to the social schemes already in place for all staff who are made redundant.