“Anytime For You” offers KLM World Business Class passengers new options


On 1 July, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will launch “Anytime For You” on its Amsterdam-Johannesburg flights, offering World Business Class passengers a wider range of meal options. This new service offers travellers more choice and control, allowing them decide what and when they want to eat on board.

At the start of the flight, World Business Class passengers will be presented with a new menu. In addition to the regular three-course dinner or lunch options, the menu will also include an “Anytime For You” range, consisting of eight different dishes, hot and cold, savoury and sweet, health foods and special treats. Passengers can opt for the regular three-course menu or skip this entirely. After the standard meal service, passenger can order from the “Anytime For You” menu, which can be prepared, served and eaten throughout the flight.

KLM wants to offer passengers an excellent travel experience from start to finish. This includes the option to fulfil passengers’ personal preferences and to take their individual biorhythms into account. “Anytime For You” enables KLM to better meet the wishes of individual passengers. The extra care and attention given by KLM cabin crew, who will be specially trained to offer this service, ensures that this is a personal and flexible product – a memorable experience for our World Business Class passengers.
Miriam Kartman, executive vice president of KLM Inflight Services.

“Anytime For You” will be offered at no extra cost to KLM’s World Business Class passengers. The service concept will be phased in on various flights and, from October 2017, will also be offered on a second route, which has yet to be determined.