Update on labour contract negotiations for cockpit crew

KLM and the Dutch Airline Pilots Association (VNV) have reached an agreement in principle on a new collective labour agreement (CLA), effective 1 March 2022 through 1 March 2023, for pilots covered by the CLA for KLM cockpit crew. KLM is satisfied with the result. This will ensure calm and stability for the coming year and reflects KLM’s current circumstances. KLM and VNV will now finalise the protocol texts, which VNV will then present to their members’ council for approval.

KLM has ensured that the new CLA takes account of price developments in the Netherlands. A wage clause specifying a 2% increase effective 1 October 2022 and further 2% effective 1 March 2023 has been agreed. This reflects agreements recently reached with the trade unions representing ground personnel.

We also reached an agreement with VNV on productivity and flexibility in the coming period.

The existing international commuting arrangement for pilots has been discontinued. Pilots who live outside the Netherlands will now pay for their flights when commuting to work.

KLM employees will receive one-off payment when KLM no longer has a credit facility with government guarantees. This payment acknowledges the concerted effort made by KLM staff in the face of recent challenges.

Despite KLM’s successful recovery, the future remains uncertain due to factors such as high inflation, rising costs, uncertainties surrounding coronavirus and scarcity in the job market. KLM must therefore continue to cut costs structurally. The negotiating parties agreed to return to the table if the situation so demands in the coming period.