Small group of FNV supporters affect large group of KLM passengers

KLM estimates that no more than between 150 and 250 FNV members out of a total number of ground crew colleagues of 14,500 will participate in the strike announced for this evening between 19:30 and 21:00 hours. Although only a small group of people plan to stop working, this will potentially impact thousands of passengers resulting in delays, missed connections and/or baggage remaining behind. What’s more, this industrial action will result in a loss for KLM of between €3 million and €4 million. This is disproportionate to the small group of FNV supporters who are bringing matters to a head. KLM’s proposal has been put before the membership bases of the four other trade unions for deliberation.

KLM has initiated preliminary relief proceedings against FNV, which will take place this afternoon. Yesterday morning, KLM invited FNV to resume talks because we suspect that the points of disagreement are in fact smaller than originally expressed. FNV did not take up the invitation, choosing instead to initiate industrial action.

We advise our customers to keep a close eye the KLM website to see how long the delays will be.