Response KLM on ACM

KLM has reviewed the results of the survey conducted by the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM). The ACM studied the contacts from 2010 as part of of the mutually dependent relationship between KLM and Schiphol and the consequences that this relationship has for competition.

Schiphol provides infrastructure to airlines, including KLM. KLM purchases and uses Schiphol’s infrastructure with no choice in the matter. In this sense, it is a “bound user.”

The ACM has not established any violation of competition law. However, the supervisor does see possible risks.

KLM considers it important that the conclusions clarify how the relationship with its main partner can be continued. That clarification is laid down in specific commitments.

For the purposes of the mainport, KLM will continue its important relationship with Schiphol in compliance with these commitments.