Outcome of CLA negotiations improves outlook for KLM ground personnel


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and the ground personnel trade unions have concluded their negotiations for a new collective labour agreement (CLA) for ground staff, which will remain in effect from 1 March 2022 to 1 March 2023. KLM is pleased with the outcome of the negotiations. Working with the unions, we have arrived at a result that will bring stability and improve the outlook for all our ground personnel, while taking KLM’s current circumstances into account.

The unions will now positively present the outcome of negotiations to their members. Once they have approved the results, the CLA will be ratified.

Changing circumstances at KLM 
It was no easy task to arrive at this result together, because the circumstances at KLM are complex and recovery is fragile. Nevertheless, KLM has, in the recent past, managed to repay all its loans to the government, thereby confirming that we are on our way to restoring our financial health.

All KLM staff adopted a flexible and resilient attitude throughout the pandemic, displaying immense loyalty and commitment in contributing to KLM’s recovery under difficult circumstances. It is important to offer them a better outlook in the current, drastically changed situation.

Soaring inflation, declining purchasing power, high work pressure and the tightening labour market are the latest circumstances demanding a response from KLM. That is why they have been offered a salary increase of 2% effective 1 October 2022 and a further 2% effective 1 March 2023. A minimum of EUR 80 has been set for both increases, to ensure that the financial position of those on lower incomes is strengthened.

Agreements with KLM’s predicament in mind
These agreements will restore stability to our organisation and offer better perspectives to (future) staff. Recovery is fragile, however, and the near future will remain difficult to predict for KLM, owing to high inflation, rising costs and dollar exchange rates, the ongoing presence of the coronavirus, and the war in Ukraine. It is therefore important for KLM to retain access to loans from the government and banks (i.e. credit facilities).

This is why KLM must continue its efforts to structurally reduce costs. If circumstances change in the coming period, causing KLM to slip into crisis once more, we will return to the negotiating table with the trade unions.