Orange KLM Boeing 777 lands at Madurodam Airport


Today, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines unveiled its miniature orange Boeing 777 at the miniature Dutch city of Madurodam. The event follows KLM’s introduction of its first and only orange Boeing 777-300 to its fleet back in June. Madurodam is a miniature park and tourist attraction near The Hague. It is home to a range of scale model replicas of famous Dutch landmarks. So a tiny version of the orange aircraft certainly deserves a place at its airport. 

The miniature aircraft was unveiled today by up-and-coming hockey talent Sophie Nieboer and former Olympic medallist and KLM pilot Maurits Crucq. The Boeing 777 — which is half-orange and half-blue — was painted to reflect the Netherlands’ pride in its national team (#OranjeBoven). KLM operates the aircraft on regular flights across its network and wherever else it can to promote the Netherlands at special events, such as the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

So, KLM will operate the aircraft on 23 August for the medallists’ flight from Rio de Janeiro to Amsterdam with Captain Leo Visser — former Olympic skating medallist and pilot — at the helm. Lisa Westerhof is an Olympic sailor and KLM pilot as well. She will serve as ramp marshal for the flight once it touches down on Dutch soil.

On 4 July of this year, KLM replaced its miniature MD-11 aircraft with a miniature Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Madurodam. In 2014, KLM said goodbye to the last MD‑11 in its fleet and started phasing in its Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

If you would like to have a copy of the orange KLM miniature aircraft, you can order one via this link.