KLM’s 98th Delftware miniature depicts Anthony Fokker’s family home


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines celebrates its 98th anniversary today. To mark the occasion, we have added a new Delftware miniature house to our growing collection. This year we have chosen to depict the family home of aviation pioneer Anthony Fokker in Haarlem.

The 98th miniature house was presented at a festive event held in the St. Bavo Church in Haarlem. KLM President & CEO Pieter Elbers officially presented the first copy of the new miniature to Jos Wienen, the Mayor of Haarlem.

I am very pleased with the house we have chosen for the 98th KLM Delftware miniature. The Fokker House celebrates KLM’s longstanding connection with this superb Dutch brand. We will be saying a fond farewell to our last Fokker this year, making it all the more special
Pieter Elbers - President-directeur KLM

Anthony Fokker – aviation pioneer
The Fokker Family’s house in Haarlem was located on the Kleine Houtweg (then No. 41, now No. 65). The house is thought to date from 1791. The KLM replica is based on the current house located at Kleine Houtweg No. 65, which was the childhood home of aviation pioneer and aircraft manufacturer Anthony Fokker. His domain was the attic at the front of the house, on the second floor, which offered a view of the park. During the 1920s, Anthony Fokker became one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, with factories in the Netherlands as well as the United States.

Farewell to KLM’s Fokker fleet
KLM will take leave of its last Fokker aircraft at the end of October 2017. The departure of the last Fokker 70 marks the end of Dutch-made aircraft in the KLM fleet, as well as the end of a historical 97-year partnership between KLM and Fokker.

History of the KLM miniature
KLM has presented Delftware miniatures to its passengers since the 1950s. The houses are replicas of unique buildings in the Netherlands. Since 1994, the collection has kept pace with KLM’s anniversary, with a new miniature being presented on 7 October each year. The miniatures are presented to World Business Class passengers on intercontinental flights.