KLM welcomes global agreement on CO2 emissions


Yesterday at the meeting of the United Nation’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal, the attending countries reached a decision on a global agreement for CO2 emissions.

This is a historic moment, as the air transport industry is the first sector to reach a global agreement on CO2 emissions within the UN context. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has long been a supporter of global climate objectives for the air transport industry. KLM previously contributed to the climate objectives agreed upon within the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in 2009.

It is encouraging to see so many countries committing to the agreement from the start, pledging that airlines would only be allowed to pursue CO2-neutral growth from 2020. Among these countries are various key aviation nations, including China, the USA and all EU countries.


KLM has always worked towards achieving global agreements, as has the Dutch government. It is truly special that so many countries have backed the agreement. A global approach will be most beneficial to the environment and will prevent a patchwork regulations and an uneven playing.
René de Groot, Chief Operating Officer of KLM

The primary focus of the ICAO meeting was an emissions trading scheme (compensation), but KLM will continue to urge the sector to pursue efforts to reduce emissions by deploying new aviation technologies, using biofuels, making more efficient use of air space, and optimising flight operations.

KLM has long been the acknowledged leader of efforts to make the air transport sector more sustainable. This is borne out by Air France KLM’s ranking at the top of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 12 consecutive years. KLM has had its own integral climate action plan since 2005.

Since 2008, KLM passengers have been able to compensate for their flights’ emissions by way of the CO2ZERO programme. In addition, KLM has invested extensively in fleet renewal in recent years, and heads the field in the development of a market for sustainable biofuels. In 2011, KLM operated its first commercial flight using biofuel. This first flight to Paris was soon followed by flights to other destinations. In 2012, the KLM Corporate BioFuel programme was launched, enabling companies to operate some of their flights on sustainable biofuel, thereby further stimulating biofuel development. Last month, KLM signed a three-year contract that will see all its flights from Los Angeles to Amsterdam operated using a percentage of sustainable biofuel.

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