KLM takes additional measures to get summer holidays off to a smooth start


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will take various measures (some supplementing existing measures) to ensure that customers who book a flight with KLM get their summer holidays off to a good start, despite persistent operational challenges at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol due to the shortage of airport security staff. The measures will take effect from today through 28 August.

Work pressure at the airport is currently relentless as Schiphol and KLM are both faced with staff shortages. KLM’s measures are intended to restore operational stability, thereby relieving pressure on staff at Schiphol and KLM.

·         Through 28 August, we will cancel 10 to 20 return flights to European destinations every day.

·         We will also strongly restrict the sale of remaining seats on KLM and KLM Cityhopper flights to European destinations. This will free up space for customers who are rebooked if their flight is cancelled. This measure will supplement the existing restriction on sales, in order to accommodate passengers who have to be rebooked after missing their flight due to long queues at Schiphol and to comply with restrictions Schiphol has imposed on the number of passengers boarding locally.

·         Customers who can’t fly will be informed in a timely manner and rebooked onto a different flight. In most cases, this flight will depart on the same day or as close as possible to the original booking. Passengers will not have to contact KLM for this purpose, but will be informed by KLM or their travel agent.

·         Cargo will not longer be booked and loaded onto KLM Cityhopper flights. This will reduce work pressure for handling staff on the ground.

·         We will also close the belly compartment for loose packages and mail bags aboard flights bound for intercontinental destinations. This loose bulk freight will be placed in containers, which will be brought in via the apron, making them easier to load onto the aircraft.

Measures relating to airfreight will remain in place until the end of the summer schedule (29 October).

KLM is confident that these measures will ensure smooth handling of incoming and outgoing flights in the coming weeks. KLM reasserts that these measures are temporary.