KLM statement in response to Belgian TV programme “Terzake” on 21 April 2016


The Belgian television programme “Terzake” today broadcast an item in which it claims that KLM is luring travellers away from Brussles. KLM’s full statement in response to the programme is given below.

KLM has been flying to Brussels since 1922 and is exceedingly loyal to the airport. In addition, KLM has for more than 14 years cooperated in a high-speed rail service between Brussels South/Antwerp and Schiphol. The train journey from Belgium to Schiphol is included in the KLM ticket. KLM regularly runs campaigns to bring this rail service to the attention of Belgian customers, the most recent being run for Antwerp Central Station in October 2015. KLM had planned similar campaigns for the course of this year. Owing to the current capacity restrictions at Brussels Airport, KLM has decided to bring the campaign forward, offering Belgian customers the opportunity to fly via Schiphol. KLM flights between Amsterdam and Brussels have been reduced from five to two, owing to slot allocation. KLM has every intention to restore full service as quickly as possible once permission to this effect is granted by Brussels Airport.