KLM scores record result in 2017

Our results for 2017 confirm that we are on the right track. Thanks to the efforts of all KLM staff and the loyalty of our customers and partners, KLM achieved a record operating result (COI) of EUR 910 million in 2017. This result was enhanced by our improved operating margin, which rose from 6.9% to 8.8%. The improvement of EUR 229 million is largely driven by higher unit revenues, which were mainly fuelled by favourable market developments. Our employees will also benefit from these improved result, with profit-sharing figures even higher than they were last year. The 2017 results confirm that the strategy we launched in late 2014 – to cut costs on the one hand, while investing on the other – has proved successful. However, this does not imply that we can sit back. We have our house in order, but our competitors are building skyscrapers. That is why we need to keep growing and investing, so that we have a hand in shaping the game
Pieter Elbers - KLM President & CEO

The joint Air France KLM Year Results of 2017 are available in the download box in this message.