KLM lets Amsterdammers and New Yorkers exchange live high-fives


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines enabled hundreds of Amsterdammers and New Yorkers to exchange high-fives via a live video link last Thursday, 28 August. The high-five is the symbolic campaign gesture of the KLM World Deal Weeks. People on either side of the Atlantic were spontaneously brought together by two interactive installations. Those who managed to complete a perfect “Live High-Five” on screen were eligible to win KLM tickets to Amsterdam or New York. You can view a video clip of the best high-fives here.


Throughout the day, the interactive installations offered a window to the other side of the ocean. People out in the street in New York and Amsterdam stood a chance of running into a stranger far away. In this way, KLM Live High-Five brought hundreds of people together across thousands of kilometres and numerous time zones. Those who stepped up to the screen had only one thing in mind: completing the perfect high-five.

Celebrating a World Deal with a high-fiv
KLM Live High-Five is part of the KLM World Deal Weeks, which started on 27 August and will run through 15 September 2014. During the World Deal Weeks, KLM offers attractive discount fares to more than 100 destinations. You can book a World Deal via