KLM doubles CO2 compensation


During the KLM World Deal Weeks (from 29 August to 16 September), KLM will double any amount paid by passengers departing from The Netherlands should they choose to compensate for their share in the CO2 emissions for their flight through the CO2ZERO programme. The proceeds of CO2 compensation go to the CO2OL Tropical Mix reforestation project in Panama. This means that passengers not only fly climate-neutral, but for every tree planted, KLM will ensure that another is planted

This applies to promotional tickets booked at World Deal Week fares as well as all other tickets. In other words, KLM will double any contribution made by anyone booking a ticket via or via a travel agent between 29 August and 16 September who compensates his or her share of CO2 emissions through the CO2ZERO compensation programme.

In order to draw passengers’ attention to the option of CO2 compensation, World Deal Week advertisements publicising a specific destination will also state the amount for compensation.

If, for example, you fly from Amsterdam to Johannesburg and want to compensate your share of the CO2 emissions, you will pay €12. A flight from Amsterdam to Vienna would amount to €2, while a flight from Amsterdam to Shanghai would clock up €11 in compensation. As mentioned, KLM will invest the same amount on top of that throughout the promotional period.

Doubling our passengers’ CO2 compensation contributions ties in with our commitment to Fly Responsibly, with KLM taking the lead in making aviation more sustainable. For starters, this means making our own business operations more sustainable. And it involves inviting customers, companies and other airlines to join forces with us to achieve this.
Harm Kreulen, Managing Director KLM The Netherlands

The possibility of compensating for their share of CO2 emissions is also brought to the attention of passengers during the booking process. Tour operators and travel agents are also asked to bring the CO2 campaign to the attention of passengers. Passengers and travel agents can use My Trip to arrange CO2 compensation, even after the booking has been made.


KLM launched the CO2ZERO compensation programme in 2008. Since October 2017, KLM has been investing the compensation in a reforestation project in Panama known as the CO2OL Tropical Mix. This project involves converting former meadowlands into new forests. The project, which is certified according to the Global Goals’ Gold Standard, combines the conservation of biodiversity and the restoration of ecosystems with sustainable timber production (FSC certified) and sustainable cocoa production (UTZ certified). In addition, it generates local employment opportunities.

Fly Responsibly

With Fly Responsibly, KLM is committed to creating a more sustainable future for aviation. It includes everything KLM already does – and will do – to improve the sustainability of its operations. But real progress will only be achieved if the entire sector works together. With Fly Responsibly, KLM therefore invites consumers to opt for CO2 compensation. Companies are invited to compensate for business travel through the KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme.

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