KLM CLA negotiations framed by Perform 2020 and growth


The current collective labour agreement (CLA) for KLM ground personnel expires on 1 July 2016. CLA negotiations between KLM and the ground personnel unions were resumed last Friday. KLM is aiming for a short negotiation process so that the outcomes can be presented at the end of May or beginning of June.

KLM has to become simpler, cheaper and quicker. The initial results achieved in 2015 marked the first steps on the way to further KLM’s recovery. It is vital that KLM continues along the path it has laid out. This means that KLM now has to take the next steps in the area of employment conditions.

CLA 2016

Costs have to be reduced further and income has to increase. Only then will it be possible to continue growth and to implement the investment plan: investment in the customer,  product and, importantly, in personnel. Investment in equipment, digitalisation and employment conditions are crucial. Growth is vital for KLM and brings employment opportunities. Salaries at KLM are often higher than competitors’. Alternatives, such as outsourcing or salary cuts, would be more unpleasant for staff. The goals laid out in Perform 2020 lie at the heart of the forthcoming CLA negotiations: reductions to unit costs of 1.5% per year and an annual increase in productivity of 4%.


The next CLA negotiations between KLM and the unions are planned for Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 May, and Thursday 2 and Friday 3 June.