KLM Catering Services takes innovative robot into operation

At the end of last week, KLM President & CEO Pieter Elbers officially activated the new robot for the production of ICA M-class (Economy Class) meals at KLM Catering Services (KCS). KCS is the only company in the world to take such a robot into operation.

The new robot system will reduce handling costs and make it easier to effect meal tray adjustments. This will serve to reduce production costs while increasing flexibility and customer-centricity, making it easy to serve a wider array of products on different types of trays. It will also be possible to cater efficiently to diverse special requests. The rate of production will also double in comparison to the previous system, namely 30,000 pieces.

The new robot has been taken into operation at KCS against the very real backdrop of Covid-19. We could never have imagined today’s predicament at the time the decision was taken a few years ago. It embodies a great piece of innovation and investment in the future. We now only use a fraction of the capacity of 30,000 meals a day. Nonetheless, I’m pleased we’ve taken this step. After all, we must continue to innovate and look to the future – especially now!
Pieter Elbers - KLM President & CEO
“It’s important to continue to innovate and invest, even in these difficult times. It serves to increase the quality of our products. I’m very proud that KCS is the only catering company in the world to apply such mechanisation.
Maarten Stienen - Managing Director KCS

Picture by Mark Wagtendonk