KLM cannot accept FNV ultimatum


KLM cannot not accept the FNV’s (Dutch Trade Union Federation) ultimatum. This would be an irresponsible move in view of the company’s current situation. What is more, KLM has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to discuss alternatives.

KLM understands and endorses the importance of labour conditions for all workers. Nevertheless, labour conditions at KLM are, and will continue to be, excellent compared to other Dutch companies and compared to other airlines — even following the execution of KLM’s proposal.

In order to grow, invest and maintain job opportunities and future perspective, it is necessary that KLM continues to decrease its costs by increasing productivity in accordance with our agreed targets.

In its communications, the FNV has spoken of “threats of industrial action.” KLM is disappointed at such language and rejects any such actions on the part of the FNV. Should the FNV still decide to take actions of this kind, KLM will do all it can to ensure that customers and staff experience the least possible inconvenience resulting from their actions.

Other than the FNV (Dutch Trade Union Federation), no ground personnel labour unions indicated any reason to take action after KLM made its proposal, and all agreed to discuss it with their members in the coming weeks.