KLM calls for constructive negotiations


KLM and trade unions have a long history of constructive engagement when negotiating collective labour agreements. This tradition was upheld 2015, which saw fruitful negotiations between KLM and a wide array of employee representatives.

KLM recently explained its proposals, which were in line with the negotiated procedures and objectives for Perform2020. The objections that were subsequently raised have yet to be discussed substantively, and yet the ground unions have now indicated that they are not willing to negotiate further. This response does not reflect the tradition of constructive negotiation.

KLM’s surprise is compounded by the fact that the proposed package includes substantially improved terms for staff. KLM has also offered to extend the term of the job security paragraph and proposed a substantially improved profit-sharing arrangement.

The truth is that the world has changed, and KLM has to change with it by becoming cheaper, simpler and faster. Those are preconditions for a healthy future for KLM and its employees. In 2015, we saw the first modest improvement in our results. This has been translated into growth in 2016. In addition, the new profit sharing arrangement paid out dividends for the first time. The improvement in results in 2015 was essential in enabling us to make vital investments that are required to achieve growth and safeguard employment opportunities.