KLM Bus Service transports passengers from Maastricht and Eindhoven to Schiphol for free


From Thursday, 9 June, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will also offer its bus service to passengers travelling from (the region of) Maastricht and Eindhoven via Schiphol to their destination. As of last year, passengers with a KLM ticket have been able to book a free seat on buses to and from Nijmegen and Arnhem via or their travel agent. Maastricht and Eindhoven will now be added as the latest destinations. The qualifying condition here is that the ticket is booked with Maastricht, Eindhoven, Nijmegen or Arnhem as the point of departure or final destination. 

Expanding our bus service to include the destinations of Maastricht and Eindhoven is a logical step following the successful launch of the bus service to and from Arnhem and Nijmegen. By expanding our bus service, we aim to offer passengers from the region of Maastricht and Eindhoven an especially comfortable and relaxed start or finish to their journey. What’s more, we expect passengers from abroad who want to visit Eindhoven and Maastricht to take advantage of this service
Harm Kreulen, Air France-KLM Senior Vice President Benelux


The bus runs twice a day, seven days a week, from Maastricht Central Station via Maastricht Airport to Eindhoven Airport and on to Schiphol and then back. The bus is also suitable for passengers with restricted mobility, and children can travel along without needing a separate safety chair. You can refer to the schedule at all your questions about the KLM Bus Service, please call us at 020 – 4 747 747

KLM ticket holders can travel for free on these buses. As such, passengers can save on costs related to fuel or train tickets, not to mention those associated with parking at the airport. Passengers will also be able to make use of free WiFi in the bus. Coffee, tea and water, along with the KLM Inflight Magazine Holland Herald complete the picture. And if the bus gets delayed along the way, KLM will rebook its passengers free of charge.

Maastricht twin city of Chengdu
Boasting the well-known KLM colours, the special buses are clearly recognisable. Launching the new KLM bus-service route goes hand in hand with the start of Chengdu Week in Maastricht. Maastricht and Chengdu have been twin cities since 2012. Chengdu Week aims to promote visitor awareness for the commercial and tourist opportunities presented by Chengdu and its surroundings.

KLM and Chengdu celebrating 10 years of service
KLM also shares a special bond with Chengdu and will this month be celebrating 10 years of direct service between Amsterdam and Chengdu. Until 4 July, KLM will be offering thrice-weekly service using Boeing 787 Dreamliner equipment. After 4 July, this frequency will be raised to four flights a week, also using the latest aircraft type.

Because Chengdu is home to the well-known giant panda, the KLM bus boasts the familiar KLM colours along with images of pandas and bamboo. Passengers travelling by bus in the course of the first month after the launch will also be given a mini panda as a gift.