KLM brings people together with the “Call your Mom” Mother’s Day campaign


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines started the “Call your Mom” Mother’s Day campaign. In so doing, KLM hopes to bring mothers and children closer together through a new interactive platform. People from all over the world will be able to hold video conversations with their mothers using this platform from 3 to 11 May 2018.

Many sons and daughters live in different countries to their mothers – as many as 22% in Europe. With this campaign, KLM aims to encourage families to video call their mothers more frequently through the “Call your Mom” platform.

We are in the business of bringing people together all over the world and we always aim to offer our customers a memorable experience. This concept brings families closer together. Not only virtually, but also in person.
Natascha van Roode, Head of KLM Marketing Communication

Call your Mom, visit your Mom!
Not only will these video conversations bring families together, they will also deliver the best imaginable Mother’s Day present: a ticket to visit your Mom. KLM will be giving away three tickets to the children who called their mothers the longest. The longer you call your mother, the greater your chances become of winning a ticket that will bring you back together. The three winners will be announced on 12 May 2018, the day before Mother’s Day.

The “Call your Mom” platform
From KLM’s platform, people can make video calls to their mothers. It will be possible to do so from a desktop or mobile device. Create an account and then invite your mother to make a video call. The platform then measures the length of your call with your mother. A system will be used to ensure that calls are actually made. This system will not save any personal data.