KLM and the VNC have reached an agreement in principle


KLM and the VNC trade union for cabin crew negotiated an agreement in principle tonight, Friday 5 January 2018, for a new collective labour agreement valid until 1June 2019. This is an important step in the negotiation of a new collective labour agreement for KLM cabin crew.

KLM is pleased to have reached an agreememt in priciple with the largest Cabin trade union the VNC on the details of the new collective labour agreement (CLA). Together, KLM and the VNC worked hard to arrive at a balanced package. The VNC will now present the agreement in principle with a positive advise to its council of members. Around 70% of KLM cabin crew are members of the VNC.

FNV Cabine
KLM has also shared the results of negotiations with the FNV Cabine trade union for cabin crew. KLM has urged FNV Cabine to call off the strike scheduled for coming Monday, allowing them to share the negotiated agreements with its members, so that FNV Cabine and the VNC can jointly formalise a collective labour agreement with KLM.