KLM and Douwe Egberts create a new Dutch taste experience


Starting 1 October 2018, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will serve sustainable coffee from Douwe Egberts on all flights, both to European and to intercontinental destinations. Delicious, high-quality coffee is important to KLM passengers. The two Dutch brands, each with its own rich history, share the passion to bring people together.

Starting in October, customers will drink Douwe Egberts coffee on KLM flights. Sustainability is important to KLM and therefore chooses to use UTZ certified coffee from Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE). KLM opted for a special coffee blend that works perfectly with the experience of taste at high altitude so that a cup of coffee will taste as good in flight as it does on the ground. Customers can enjoy the same coffee in the European Crown Lounge and the Intercontinental Crown Lounge.

In October, the coffee will also be available for KLM staff in the Netherlands.

Dutch cooperation

We are extremely pleased and proud of our partnership with Douwe Egberts. Good coffee is important to our customers and KLM also believes it is extremely important to serve sustainable coffee. Two profoundly Dutch brands – both of which place quality first – can only serve to reinforce each other. 
Miriam Kartman, KLM Executive Vice President Inflight Services
Armed with our knowledge of, and insights about, end users, we can offer KLM’s added value to customer experience and we will deliver custom solutions for all KLM locations. Our Douwe Egberts blend will contribute to this.
Sander van der Linden, Marketing Director at Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional Benelux

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