High fashion: KLM launches Jet Legs on Instagram

Starting today, fans of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines can travel comfortably and in style with the limited edition Jet Legs tracksuit trousers. Jet Legs are available through KLM’s Instagram Channel and web shop.

When KLM introduced Jet Legs, it commissioned a study to see what 1,100 Dutch, German, British, and Norwegian passengers prefer to wear when travelling. More than half (54%) put comfort first when they fly – whether on holiday or for business trips. However, they did not consider tracksuit trousers to be appropriate travel wear. Nearly 50% of the respondents did not find the idea of travelling in sportswear attractive. But if tracksuit trousers could be turned into a fashion statement, 44% would be willing to wear them.

So KLM asked four fashion professionals in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and the UK to explore fashion-forward styling with Jet Legs.

Fred van Leer

For the Dutch market, stylist and TV presenter Fred van Leer put together an outfit in which Jet Legs are central. “Comfort and fashion often don't go hand in hand, not in everyday outfits, and certainly not when travelling,” Fred says. “And who doesn’t want to look fabulous on the plane and get compliments from fellow travellers? So I went shopping and created a look especially for KLM that combines Jet Legs with other favourite items.”

Recycled material

Jet Legs are available in a limited edition of 5,000 on the Instagram Channel and the KLM web shop. The comfortable, blue tracksuit trousers are made of recycled polyester and elastane, and the packaging is made of recycled plastic.

Why Instagram?

KLM wants to connect with and be where its customers are. By offering Jet Legs on Instagram, KLM is reaching out to a young audience that sees clothing as an important part of its lifestyle. The target group uses Instagram as inspiration and as a way of discovering new trends.

KLM on social media

KLM has been a pioneer in social media services and campaigns since 2009. We have more than 28 million friends and followers on a variety of social media. Through these channels, KLM receives more than 180,000 messages a week, 35,000 of which are questions or comments. The world’s largest social media team, consisting of 360 service staff, respond to the messages personally. KLM offers customers support 24/7 on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WeChat and KakaoTalk in Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. KLM was the world’s first airline to offer its customers flight documents and status updates via WhatsApp, Messenger, and Twitter. What’s more, it was the first western airline to use the Chinese social media channel WeChat.

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*Research (N=1100) conducted by Panelwizard as commissioned by KLM, in The Netherlands, Norway, Germany and the UK.