Disbelief and disappointment regarding VNV’s attitude

KLM yesterday presented the Dutch Airline Pilots Association VNV with an improved proposal for a new collective labour agreement (CLA) that better complies with the pilots’ wishes to reduce work pressure and improve work-life balance. We are not fully complying with the last bid presented by the VNV, but are prepared to lay down an adjusted KLM proposal. This proposal is a revised version of KLM’s earlier proposal, using ingredients from the VNV’s last bid. In so doing, we are prepared to surmount a great number of objections. This is a final bid to ensure that a new CLA is laid down as swiftly as possible. This is in everyone’s interests. The fact that the VNV has rejected this proposal so swiftly, without assessment of the contents and without further discussion with KLM and its members, is incomprehensible and neither in the interest of the pilots, nor KLM. KLM remains open to further discussion on the contents of the proposal.