COVID-19: explanation of safe flight operations

KLM has great respect for all its employees who work very hard in these challenging times to repatriate as many people as possible. Working on board an aircraft in a small area with many passengers obviously raises questions about the inflight service in times of corona. KLM fully understands this and has therefore made several drastic changes to the way we work on board. All this to ensure that the crew can continue to do their work with a sense of security and thus help to bring passengers back home safely.

A safe flight operation has our highest priority. At the request of both crew and passengers, due to the coronavirus, the service on board has been adapted to reduce physical contact. In this way, we minimize contact moments between crew and passengers on both intercontinental and European flights. In addition, KLM provides personal protective equipment and the schedule has been adjusted so that crew do not stay abroad or stay abroad for as short a period of time as possible. If, for whatever reason, cabin crew do not feel comfortable enough to fly, KLM understands this and will look for an appropriate solution.