Cockpit rules


After 9/11, air transport authorities introduced standard procedures for the opening and closing of cockpit doors. These apply for all airlines.

When a pilot leaves the cockpit, it is standard procedure to close the door. The pilot remaining in the cockpit then opens the door to let his colleague back in. In the event that the pilot in the cockpit is unable to open the door, there is an emergency procedure that pilots can use to regain entry to the cockpit.

All KLM pilots are recruited on the basis of rigorous selection criteria and are trained in accordance with international standards that apply for all airlines worldwide. This includes mental and physical screening. During regular inspections and recurrent training on board and in simulators, the skills of KLM pilots are continually tested to ensure maximum flight safety. In addition, KLM pilots complete high-grade communication and behavioural training that is fully tailored to their job. KLM will await the full results of the investigation of the GermanWings accident.