Changes to the AFKL Supervisory Board


“In recent days there have been numerous reports about changes in the Air France KLM Group’s Supervisory Board. It is important that we give all the correct information. In the years to come, we will cooperate constructively within the Group,” says Hans Smits, chairman of KLM’s Supervisory Board.


In 2016, two seats will open up on the Air France KLM Group Supervisory Board. At that time, Cees van Lede and Leo van Wijk will step down as their last terms of office come to an end. This will make space for Mr Smits. Peter Hartman, vice-chairman of the AFKL Group’s Supervisory Board looks forward to passing his position on to Mr Smits. Mr Hartman will then remain on the Board as a non-executive member.

“Following these changes, the balance within the Supervisory Board between Air France and KLM will remain unchanged,” Mr Smits says.

It had been decided at an earlier date that Hans Smits would be present at the Board meetings as an auditor. At the same time, Pierre-François Riolacci will join the KLM Supervisory Board meetings. All of this is part of the process to strengthen the cooperation within the AFKL Group.