Ballast Nedam and ULC Groep redesign KLM Crown Lounge at Schiphol


Today, Royal Schiphol Group and KLM awarded the contract for the redesign and extension of the international KLM Crown Lounge to Ballast Nedam and ULC Groep. The work will include adding a new floor to the lounge, building an outdoor terrace and a new interior design. When work is completed, the lounge will approximately have 1400 seating places instead of the current 800 places, with floor space increasing to 6300 m2 (currently 3600 m2).

Lounge to remain in use during renovation
Work will take place in phases. The first part of the renovation is planned for completion in the summer of 2018. All work on the lounge should be finished in spring 2019. Part of the lounge will remain in use during the renovation, with Ballast Nedam making every effort to limit any nuisance, noise or otherwise, to passengers and business operations.

Ultimate customer experience
The lounge is intended to create the ultimate customer experience. It will receive an entirely new interior design with a completely new look, creating a fresh experience. The lounge will be fitted with the latest technology and service will be outstanding. There will be new concepts for everything from dining and refreshments and the service provided by lounge staff to logistics and the kitchen design. Digital innovations such as a self-service entrance will contribute to the personal experience. KLM is creating the lounge of the future.

Preferred airport
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol intends to be Europe's preferred airport for both passengers and airlines. This is one of the reasons Schiphol is pleased with KLM's plans for the lounge, which will have a positive effect on the passenger experience and increase the airport's appeal.

KLM Crown Lounge
The international KLM Crown Lounge can be found between Pier E and Pier F, both already remodelled by Ballast Nedam. The lounge is for business class passengers on intercontinental flights. It can be found on the second floor of the terminal and will be extended with a third floor during its renovation. The entrance will be on Holland Boulevard on the first floor. Schiphol is commissioning the shell work, while KLM has commissioned the work on the interior and the interior design.