Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting


At the upcoming Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting on 23 April, the KLM Executive Board will recommend the reappointment of Pieter Elbers as CEO. The appointment of Chief Operating Officer René de Groot as Managing Director under the Articles of Association is also on the agenda.


Mr Elbers was appointed KLM’s CEO in October of 2014. His current term of office will come to an end in 2016. In the interest of continuity and to express the confidence that the Council has in him, the Supervisory Board has decided to nominate Mr Elbers for reappointment now.

Erik Varwijk’s resignation has created a vacancy on the Board of Managing Directors. The Supervisory Board has decided to nominate René de Groot, Chief Operating Officer since January 2015, as Director for a first four-year term. KLM has asked the Works Council to make a recommendation concerning the nomination.

Following the approval of the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting, the Managing Directors under the Articles of Association will consist of Mr Elbers, Mr de Groot and Chief Financial Officer Erik Swelheim. The Supervisory Board believes that these nominations will bring the management back into balance to keep KLM on course.